What is PParke?

PParke is a social parking app that brings an end to the common pain that motorist in every big city go through when they circle the blocks looking for a parking spot. Using break-through technology and Analytics, pparke provides all necessary information relation parking availability etc in real time and allows motorist to get parking slots in advance.

How does motorist use pparke?

Motorist uses real-time parking information and guidance app for smartphones, compatible tablets to search for parking bay at Business center, Mall, Corporate sector etc and reserve the parking bay.

What does it cost to become a user of pparke ?

Absolutely free.

Can I cancel my reservations ? Can I get refund ?

Yes, you may cancel and get refund a reservation at the discretion of Business center or Mall cancellation policy.

How does pparke help parking operator ?

Pparke in the Cloud empowers parking operations by providing key data essentials �predicting arrival & departure rate of vehicles, lot Utilization and real-time count data collection and reporting (Occupancy & Availability). Engine shall be customized per clientele to provide business specific optimizations such as maximizing sales, minimizing internal cost etc.

What does it cost to become a partner of pparke ?

You may write to pparkesupport@pristech.in to know about it. Email Subject should be pparke partner.

What methods of advertisement are acceptable ?

Mall or business centre specific. More details are given on discussions.

What if I arrive earlier or park longer than my reservation receipt indicates ?

Facility management may decide allow minimal amount of grace time at entry and exit time.But its highly recommended to follow the exit time rules. In case of conflicts, facility management reserve the rights to take final decisions.

Can I make a reservation for someone else ?

Reservations are based on contact number and email id, so we encourage user to appropriately maintain privacy of data.

What should I do if I cannot print my parking pass ?

You would get confirmation email and sms. No need to print.

Do i always get the same booking slot i booked for?

Yes, but may change during peak/rush hours.

What happens if I can’t find my reserved parking location ?

You would given assistance by Parking Management facility

Why I am not receiving reservation confirmations and other emails ?

Write to us immediately do that we make sure your reservations is confirm.

How do I reset my password?

Go to pparke website and reset your password

Will online parking facility be accessible 24/7 ?

Yes. For any dispute you may email at pparkesupport@pristech.in

Will I have an assigned parking space ?

Depends on the policy of Business center or Mall.

Privacy of data ?

Follow the link privacy in the web site.

What if I have another question or raise complaints or suggestions ?

For any dispute or questions you may email at pparkesupport@pristech.in