Smart parking sensor enables Mobility

  Smart Parking sensor: Usage and benefits Numerous technology innovations has transformed parking from manually operated to being wirelessly and remotely managed. Smart parking bay sensors brings innovation to the table by detecting space occupancy and wirelessly communicating information to cloud data centre, thereby processing the sensor data to provide the availability of parking spaces […]

Urban Mobility with PParkE

  Parking is an important node for multimodal transport and is associated with sustainability. Indian cities are experiencing high urbanization, motorization, and congestion and are being ranked in the top congested cities globally. The modal share of India is, public transport ~50%, Private vehicles 20% and walking and cycling totalling 30%. With the burgeoning growth […]

Mobility services with PParkE

  As per statistics, almost 200,000 people move from small town into the city each day; And the number is increasing. And a vast majority of people still prefer to get around per car in their daily lives; likely to be same for many more years. However, parking is still a major concern into the overall travel chain hence it becomes […]

Join the Smart parking movement

We all know getting access to accurate and real-time parking, local information is one of the large and daily problem for approx. 30millions of Indian commuters in major cities. As per study & statistics,  a commuter in Delhi spends to 80+ hours and approx. 150 miles every year looking for Parking. This in turns results in wasting more than a million of gallons of fuel […]

Parking goes Real time in PParke App

India registers the real time parking updates for the 1st time with PParkE. We are part of Smart City Platform with CISCO and Microsoft. PParke is a marketplace of Smart Parking working on several Smart cities platform at initial stage. Most of the platform will roll out in several region in PAN India and few […]

Future of Parking is Smart

    With the increase in number of vehicles to more than a billions globally, today the Parking industry needs smarter parking operations. As the holistic idea of smart cities is taking off with significant momentum, Smart transport clearly indicates growth potential of a smart parking management system. According to new analysis by Frost & […]

Smart City looks prettier with Smart Parking

Need taxicab, we have OlaCabs. Need Grocery, no problem at all; just order on Big Basket. Pparke, smart parking app from Pristech Analytics is helping commuters to spot parking, get last mile connectivity, navigate to spot, or suggests nearby available spot so we ultimately don’t waste time, gas… and patience. Goal of Pparke team is […]

Pparke: Smart parking solutions

Today, Parking management is about smartening the parking operations. Intelligent parking management systems automates and smartens the parking management functions by providing solutions such as access control, revenue management, parking enforcement and permit management, security and surveillance, automated valet parking, parking guidance and slot management. Smart parking management systems enables parking site operators to offer […]

You have the data, Now it’s time to use it the Right Way!!!

Many parking operators now have the technology to process their data, but aren’t fully utilizing the information. It’s time to start examining how big data can and should benefit your parking operation and customers. It’s essential to first nail down the objectives exactly what parking operator needs to know, then determine the key performance indicators […]