Pparke: Smart parking solutions


Today, Parking management is about smartening the parking operations. Intelligent parking management systems automates and smartens the parking management functions by providing solutions such as access control, revenue management, parking enforcement and permit management, security and surveillance, automated valet parking, parking guidance and slot management. Smart parking management systems enables parking site operators to offer their customers various parking conveniences such as minimal time wastage, cashless payment options, enhanced vehicle security, and options for pre-booking parking spots. According to industry data, usage of smart parking management can prevent up to 30% of traffic congestion, and save up to 25% of the parking revenue loss due to employee pilferage and vehicle driver’s malpractices.

The increase in number of vehicles worldwide, with high growth rates in emerging economies like Asia-Pacific and Latin
America, are creating business potential for the parking management industry. The holistic idea of smart cities is taking off with significant momentum. There is a prime focus on spending in emerging areas such as smart transportation. These factors clearly indicate the growth potential of the parking management market in the coming years. Since the parking management market is growing rapidly, companies are increasing their product portfolio by extensive research and development, acquiring and integrating with market players possessing special expertise related to parking management.

Pparke SaaS provides key insights on the parking market dynamics & trends,  competitive landscape and end-user usage analysis across various sites. The dashboard speaks about the expected revenue from different types of parking sites on different dates. The dashboard also analyzes multiple pricing options, loss of customer due to longer queues or unavailability. It explores business potential of parking management solutions across varied industry verticals such as academia, government and municipalities, transportation, recreation, healthcare, hospitality, retail, corporate and commercial parks, and Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance and others.