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We all know getting access to accurate and real-time parking, local information is one of the large and daily problem for approx. 30millions of Indian commuters in major cities. As per study & statistics,  a commuter in Delhi spends to 80+ hours and approx. 150 miles every year looking for Parking. This in turns results in wasting more than a million of gallons of fuel wasted daily during peak hours and more than 250 hours more in traffic congestion every year.

PParke, India 1st and only Smart Parking solutions is addressing this problem using IOT, Mobile App and Predictive Analytics and help improve mobility by upto 34%. We ensure our users access to real time parking information 24/7 through apps. Our Patented data driven analytics platform helps cities for better monitoring and details access to supply/demand of this industry and suggest proactive actions towards it. Data driven decision dashboard is useful to any parking owner or municipality to not only understand the utilisation pattern but it gives better visibility to collections or projections, detailing pricing strategies, parking policies and consumer demand pattern etc. This helps in tracking down violations and non payment activity easily and faster. All this are not just real time but the dashboard has the predictive analytics embedded to facilitate all for future days/months.

We aim to provide motorist with travel cum parking information on mobile across major Indian cities and push this information in Mobile App, in car app, or APIs.

In the end, urban spaces in Delhi needs to become more accessible, sustainable and serviceable.