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Today, Indian cities are experiencing high urbanization, motorization, congestion and Cities are being ranked in the top congested cities globally. Thanks to our Smart Leadership team at the Centre/State Govt, Smart cities with IOT enabled infrastructure are getting ready in India. And Parking infrastructure is an important node for multimodal transport and is associated with sustainability and Smart cities projects.

Smart sensors, infrastructure in parking bays drive occupancy and increase effective use parking space and maximizes income. It is estimated, smart parking on an average, contributes nearly 2-4% of a smart city’s revenue and is expected to grow to 10-15% by 2025. For example, Barcelona city has increased parking-fee revenues by $50 million annually, utilizing smart parking technology. They are highly effective for on-street parking scenarios, offstreet scenarios such private parking lots, hospitals, university campuses, airports, stadiums and events.

PparkE has been instrumental in enabling these infrastructure and city platforms that not only help commuters, Govt. but the environment we live in. Our product engineering & innovation capabilities are nurtured, reinvented by Global strategic partners and Our City Insight Lab is the enhanced and improved outcome of these exercises. Lab manifests insights and mobility based contents through machine learning methodologies and helps city administration to derive policies or decision faster and in more effective manner.

Contrary to popular belief, such system shall facilitate skilled manpower and bring in proper discipline and diligence.

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